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Making Dad A Star In Lockdown

When your studio is on the same property as your home on the outskirts of Auckland city, New Zealand. Your camera kit's at arm’s reach. And so is your elderly father. It turns out you're pretty well equipped for filming during lockdown in a pandemic.

Strangely enough the studio has long been dubbed the FC Bunker. Somehow we always imagined zombies not Covid-19.

The Red Seal "Knock The Bastard Off" project from Auckland agency - Studio Nash, echoes Sir Edmund Hillary's famous comment when he first conquered Mt Everest. And that’s exactly the spirit New Zealand has adopted in the face of this pandemic. Filmed in Level Four Lockdown the sentiment has paid off.

New Zealand is now enjoying an easing of restrictions at Level Two. And we are excited to be putting crews together again with our Covid-19 safety protocols firmly in place. And be filming once again in our beautiful locations.


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