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Step Inside photographer Matt Hurley's Ethereal World

Girl walking on snow in front of a large rock.

Film Construction is delighted to welcome the fresh and spirited talents of photographer Matt Hurley to its Stills Division. A photographer whose stylistic and crafted sensibilities elevate the soul of his subjects and the worlds he places them in.

"I'm first and foremost drawn to photographing people in place. I love real-found environments and building narratives with delicate detail. I equally love being in the studio, where you can paint a picture and control every aspect of the image. I enjoy playing with motion blur and bursts of exaggerated colour. I'm also a bit nuts about prop hunting; I guess I see things in a cinematic way. A scene or subject captured well should elicit a physical sensation", says Matt.

Fascinated from a young age with shadow, pattern, texture and bursts of colour. The earliest photo he recalls taking was with a disposable film camera. Studying photography at high school, Matt left with the photography trophy under his arm. "That was cool and a bit of a brag for a while", says Matt laughing. After studying Visual Arts and travelling, Matt cut his photographic teeth interning at Kingsize Studios, taking full advantage of a storeroom full of gear to explore techniques and test creative ideas. The hard work paid off, and Matt's after-hours portfolio quickly attracted attention. Lifestyle brands and musicians were drawn to Matt's cinematic and irreverent style. Editorial and commercial work soon followed.

Asian girl resting on a lightbox, dressed in pastel pinks.

Matt's image-making is a powerful concoction of nostalgia and futurism. His ability to think narratively will make him an excellent choice for brands looking to tell their story with flair and visual innovation.

And while he dreams of international ventures in his near future, he humbly admits that Central Otago would be just as thrilling.

We can't wait to make some magic with Matt.

Matt Hurley/Showreel


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