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The Best Gig in the World

When you get to sip the world's best Pinot Noir over a long lunch in one of Central Otago's best wineries, you know you've got a good thing going on. Meet KJ, he closes deals with international filmmakers over lunch on a regular basis. And as KJ says, the Central Otago region sells itself.

“I’ve got the best gig of any film commissioner in the world, not only do I get to live here, but I get to work here as well” - Kevin Jennings.

Central Otago is a world famous film destination. Packed with spectacular locations and highly experienced film crew, international filmmakers flock here. Keeping the locations available, and the region film friendly is key. KJ builds trust between film producers, land owners, government bodies, and service providers.

“As filmmakers we rely on people like Kevin Jennings. He works behind the scenes making sure everything’s in order in his film region. And having shot in Central Otago numerous times we know this is an extremely production friendly place to work in. It’s one of the world's best film destinations" - Executive Producer Jozsef Fityus.

In this episode we hear why so many international producers choose to bring their productions to Central Otago.

Filmmakers talking to filmmakers, it’s rather a lovely conversation.

Film Friendly - Place Film Series - Episode Two

Special Thanks To: Kevin Jennings - Film Otago Southland, Amisfield Winery & Bistro Queenstown, Camera Company, Direct Rentals, Helicam Films, Sherwood.

April written and performed by Rhian Sheehan. Courtesy of Loop Media New Zealand.

Created and Produced By Film Construction


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