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This year we have had the absolute pleasure to produce three epic shoots for German Workwear brand Engelbert Strauss.

The first, a five day shoot in February where the expansive Central Otago landscapes could not have imagined a world that was about to be taken hostage by a pandemic.

With a 2nd shoot in the pipeline before boarders closed we needed solutions. Preproduction and remote streaming tests began during New Zealand's six week lockdown. Carefully designed Covid19 Health and Safety protocols were put in place.

Our courageous clients Engelbert Strauss and LA Production Company, Concrete Images embraced the tactic of remote production. As soon as alert levels lifted we were back down in the Otago region, one of the very first New Zealand shoots to test out production practices and live streaming during a pandemic.

Same crew, same clients, just a continent or two apart.

The previously sun kissed landscape was now transported to winter, often delivering below zero working conditions. With expert connectivity through The Rogue Unit internet was created where none existed before. Live streaming the shoot in real-time. Picture perfect from our remote icy landscapes to a summery Los Angeles and Frankfurt. Flawless connectivity enabled LA based Stylist Melanie Sommer to be in constant communication with her team on the ground. Making the most detailed adjustments. From hair styles to shoe laces. The ocean between the three continents disappeared as we worked collectively.

The third shoot was completed in September, and is still under wraps until 2021. This shoot took remote production up another whole notch. Simultaneously streaming multiple drones, a motion camera and stills back in real-time to Frankfurt. We look forward to sharing that adventure with you early next year.

It's such a privilege to work with a brave and progressive brand such as Engelbert Strauss. Placing trust in the process of remote production. Keeping crew, cast and their brand safe, whilst still delivering a guaranteed result.

With the world in shutdown mode, remote production has made community and connection even richer as we work to deliver high production values to our global clients. Not to mention forming friendships along the way.


Enjoy our behind-the-scenes film with Photographer - Chris Sisarich, Lead Stylist - Melanie Sommer and Creative Director - Dom Antelme. Supported by an amazing New Zealand cast and crew. What a team!

Central Otago & Mackenzie Country Regions/ New Zealand. BTS/ Shoot One/ February/ 2020

Client - Engelbert Strauss - Henning Strauss & Kerstin Strauss. LA Production Company - Concrete Images - Executive Producer/Hani Selim. Blush - Deidre Rymer Rivard. Line Production - Film Construction - Producer/Jozsef Fityus. BTS Film & Stills - Belinda Bradley/EP/Film Construction


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