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The Rooster Who Wouldn't Crow

Every shoot is packed with challenges. This one came in the form of pigs, chooks, sheep, a rooster, children, a water gag, stunts, a gorse bush. And a thunder storm. What could go wrong! It was a big story to tell in a short amount of time. Throwing our cast family into the never ending tasks of lifestyle living, portraying the highs and lows of owning your little slice of, er, paradise.

“Blocking the action and careful shot planning was key to filling this family’s life with all the colour and chaos the scenes called for”, says Director - Perry Bradley. Having made the move from inner city living to his own slice of green escapism around a decade ago, many of the scenarios rang true for Perry. “I am that guy. I've had to chase chickens out of the bathroom. Pull a tractor out from the septic tank overflow, and out of the pond. I could go on… I live this stuff and knew exactly what the performances required.

Magic writing and creative guidance from James Blackwood and Robin Powell from BCG2 ensured this project brought a smile to the viewers face and rang true.

Needless to say it was an action packed two day shoot filled with animal antics and good old country air. But not without its share of snags. When it came time for the rooster to do what roosters do best, shyness overcame him. A terrabyite of footage later, the moment finally arrived. Providing the opening scene for the film. The Rooster may not have crowed on demand but when it came to his stunt on a collapsing shelf he was a star. I guess he didn't want to be stereotyped.

Life's A Dream - BCG2 - FMG

Creative Agency: BCG2, ECD: James Blackwood, Creative Director: Robin Powell, Account Director: Aaron Jacobsen, Client: FMG

Director: Perry Bradley, Producer: Jozsef Fityus, DOP: Renaud Maire, Drone Operator: Cameron Betts, Art Director: Ben Witter, Animal Wrangler: Rosie Miles, Stills: Belinda Bradley

Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy, Colour & Online: Toybox, Music: Jim Hall

Production Company: Film Construction


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