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Harriett Maire on directing BREADCRUMBS & BACON

From a 15 second commercial to a three minute soliloquy. Director Harriett Maire reflects on the joy that comes from diverse styles of filmmaking.

The film industry is pretty unique. I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but we should acknowledge how lucky we are to work on such a variety of projects within a single medium. Recently, I’ve directed a couple of pieces in very different disciplines, each with their own creative aims and constraints.

In my spare time, I’m creating a collection of monologues entitled single/single. The concept allows me to combine my favourite aspects of theatre and film. Each monologue is a single take, with no cuts to negotiate around. It’s an opportunity for an actor to process a moment from beginning to end. For me, there is nothing more unifying than experiencing a moment in real time alongside a character. Each monologue is an opportunity to explore a single moment in time - working with the actor to create an original context for the script we’ve chosen. I work best with a few creative constraints like this. To simply “make a film” without any specific rules or limitations, is to be paralysed by the scope of that suggestion. The other end of that spectrum, the end with hard time limits and a solid creative brief, is a fifteen second commercial.

When Contagion approached me to direct a 15” for Beehive Bacon, I jumped at the opportunity. To tell a cheeky, engaging story which ticks all the boxes in handfuls of seconds - hello, creative constraints! Yes please! You can’t afford to waste a millisecond. I was focussing on strong performances for this narrative, choosing not to engage with music or dialogue to bolster the story. I really enjoyed the process and had a wonderful team in front of and behind the camera, which made the whole process seamless.

Breadcrumbs and Bacon demanded different directing chops but both equally enjoyable. I look forward to the next food group (or not) to wrap my directing teeth around. Game on!


Director & Producer - Harriett Maire

Performer - Arlo Green

DOP - Cameron Betts

Colourist - Andrew Brown @ TOYBOX

Script - An excerpt from the play ‘Hold Me!’ by Jules Feiffer

1st AC - Alex Campbell

Sound - Wendy Adams


Director - Harriett Maire

Producer - Ferris Bradley

DOP - Renaud Maire

Editor/ Colourist - Steve Cox

1st AC - Ryan Spearman

Gaffer/Grip - Pablo Stevenson

LX Assist - Tim Shadbolt

Art Director - Nicky Verdon

Wardrobe/Make up - Carron Wells

Food stylist - Fiona Smith

Sound - Tim Brott

First Aid - Casey Latch

Production Runner - Hamish Ogilvie

Dog wrangler - Grace Hood-Edwards

Production Company - Film Construction

Executive Producers - Belinda Bradley & Jozsef Fityus


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