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Moving Image

Location/ Auckland

Victoria's Photography is driven by a passion for food and the human connection that it inspires. Her work showcases a vivid realism through her bold, clean and optimistic images.


Originally from Sydney, Victoria grew up with a passion for food. Coming from a family in food production it was part of her story from a young age. Upon finding a love for photography, those two worlds naturally combined. Since then she has delved into every part of the process and now finds herself equally at home in a pumpkin field as she is in the studio.


Victoria is a leader in the photographic community and has served as the Vice-President of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association and is a Sony Alpha Creator. Victoria also founded the Women’s Work Collective, a collective of female photographers working to create equality in the industry. She has appeared on and hosted panels, Webinars and Workshops. Victoria shares her skills to create a better world, with equality and compassion at its core.



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